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Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: (610) 797-6564
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Email: sales@zippercord.com

About Us

Zippercord is a second generation company devoted to the manufacturing of twisted yarns and cordage. Established in 1965 we now have nearly sixty years of experience at precision twisting and winding all types of synthetic and man-made yarns. We have supplied our products domestically from coast to coast and export to many foreign countries around the world.

Zippercord is in many ways a custom manufacturer in that we will work with other companies to design a twisted product that meets the requirements of a particular application.

Often times we can select the right type of yarn combined with the proper twist levels to develop a twisted product with enhanced properties for strength, abrasion resistance, or simply for better processing capabilities.

At Zippercord we always encourage new projects that challenge our technical knowledge and twisting expertise.