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Quality Assurance

Zippercord has implemented a quality assurance program modeled after the ISO 9000 standards. We have proven that we have the ability to produce products of the highest quality standards and to the tightest specifications time and time again.

All of our twisting is performed to very close tolerances. We can adjust our twist levels to within 2% of the desired specification. Our winding equipment produces a precision cross-wound package for a “tangle free” delivery of yarn.

Our employees give each and every one of our orders the attention they deserve from first piece inspection until the carton is sealed and ready for shipping. Zippercord has an unparalleled reputation for delivering first quality goods on a timely basis. We even support “just in time” programs with several of our customers. Zippercord will work toward the development of product specifications for each item we produce for our customers and supply a certificate of compliance for each shipment of that product.