1801 South 12th Street
Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: (610) 797-6564
Fax: (610) 797-8606
Email: sales@zippercord.com

Custom Work

At Zippercord the manufacturing plant is set up to be very flexible in order to facilitate the multitude of different products which we produce daily.

Our equipment is arranged so that we may twist either a single end of yarn, multiple ends twisted together in one process, or a variety of cable cord constructions. We are capable of twisting yarns as fine as 630 denier and up to as large as 55,000 denier (approximately 1/16″ to 1/4″ diameter). We also work with outside dyers to custom match existing colors or to provide just the right look for a special project. The types of yarns we work with include a wide variety of filament as well as spun materials. We precision wind all of our products onto a variety of different sized paper tubes or cones and our finished packages range in size from very small 1 ounce units to as large as 27 lb. knotless take-up tubes. Our production capabilities allow us to accept orders from the very smallest in size up to large truck load volumes.